Monday, March 5, 2007

the good, the bad, and the Ugly

the best good: you might have seen, C posted to let me know she is okay. still worried about her. still wish everything would calm down.

the good: we were able to keep the house opened up all day yesterday! I know it is horrible for J's allergies....but I just love that feeling of a fresh breeze. it was a little too chilly still, but oh well! lol! J also got the Silhouette software on the laptop and Microsoft Office loaded. now I just need to transfer my 5 ZILLION fonts and find out how to actually physically hook the laptop up to the Silhouette and printer. (yes, I have no clue)

more good: I was able to leave the windows open today. now, before any potential robbers get is only the 2nd story windows and you would need a 2 story ladder to get to them and then the alarm would go off anyway! find another house, buddy!! okay, so we leave 2 of them open and it forms a nice breeze through the rooms. course, I forgot to put Buzz Lightyear in front of our door so it would stay open so I have a 50-50 chance that at some point in time it will slam shut and lock T in the bedroom. poor T!!

even a little more good (and maybe a bit o' bad mixed in): a place called John's Incredible Pizza is opening near us on Weds. it sounds like a real blast! the boys are excited and they don't even know all the fun things it has that CEC doesn't have. supposedly better food so that is a nice thing. buffet which is great if the boys actually stop playing and eat. so, what is the bad part?!?! well, each year the boys' school PTA has a fundraiser at CEC and they get a % of sales. so every year I buy a BUNCH of tokens and a huge ol' gift card to use throughout the next year. there is also a scrapbook store next door to CEC. it was nice to get there on a Sunday morning, let the boys play and then when we left make a quick stop at the lss "just to look." we all liked this arrangement. this will not work as there is no longer a lss near where Johns is opening.....and with that, a lead in to the bad....

the bad: my first scrapbook store closed its doors last week. it was a chain, but a nice chain. a generic, solid, dependable chain that carried basic, good, and reliable stuff. you knew what they would carry and could plan accordingly. it was great when I decided I needed something and couldn't wait for LM to send it! well, about a year ago they merged/were bought/hostile take over/whatever with another company that dealt more with paper products for your own imprinting and stuff. another decent nice store. nothing to write home about. the merger created a horrible garage sale type store. not fully committed to scrapping and not fully committed to paper products. just a smashing of two cultures into a horrible sloppy stew. needless to say, they just had no clue why business went in the toilet and decided to close all their California stores! at first I just figured that it was a bummer I couldn't go browse at lunch time (since it was also 2 blocks from my office). but when I saw the sign down late last week I realized I had just lost my starting point for scrapping. it was a gift certificate that took me into that store and started my "scrapping career"......... so I was kinda feeling a little lost this weekend.

more bad: our next door neighbor's house is already in escrow. they put it on the market on Monday (a week ago....7 short short days) and have a buyer already. R & D are going to lose their closest bestest buddy when they move. and yes, we have made a promise to get them together as much as possible. but in reality, the boys are all so darn busy that it really will be difficult and I wonder how long that commitment will hold up?!?!

the Ugly: I am tired of reruns. we got a new DH last night but it had been so long since the last one that I kinda forgot what was going on. I LIKE having more free time in the evenings but I want my shows back! :::whine whine whine:::

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