Tuesday, May 29, 2007

a weekend like an amusement park....

yeah, crazy weekend full of highs and lows!

I got some fun scrappin' in with a friend who I just don't see as often as I should. we talked about the need to get together more frequently.....but we both have such busy schedules that often it just isn't possible. it was just wonderful to spend the time with her, reconnecting.

while I was scrappin' the boys were playing with my friend's son. their daughter had social plans of her own. this made things somewhat.....you know, odd numbers usually don't play well together. that and both her son and R think they are in charge. so it could have been a more restful day than it was....but for a majority of the time things went well.

R got to take a trip to Marine World with a friend. a pricey excursion for something so close to his water park birthday next weekend. but he spends a lot of time with this friend and how has a season pass so he can go with them throughout the summer. aaaah! he is growing up!

J got in a round of golf. that always makes for a good weekend for him. I guess the course was playing nasty and so his round was up and down.

since R was gone, D had the neighbor boy to himself. this has always been a difficult situation. C and R are best friends but D really likes C too but often gets left out when R is around. and yes, I know that some of this is because D doesn't work at making friends. it is easier for him to just be friends with R's friends. anyway, it was nice that D and C could play without R.

ALL the boys got to go see the new Pirates movie. must not have been too good because no one came home all excited to tell me about it. no biggie since I am not interested in seeing it and haven't even watched 1 or 2 all the way through yet.

I got in some scrap time. I didn't use it efficiently.....just kinda puttered around a bit. put some stuff away, worked on DT stuff that is coming up. my goal has always been to be 9 days ahead. stuff is due on Tuesday for that Thursdays newsletter. I always try to scan and send on Monday nights. well......I want to be done with it the PREVIOUS weekend. I want it scanned and ready in case something comes up....you know, like a broken scanner! lol! this weekend I almost finished NEXT week's stuff. I had to get the boys to do something for me. tonight I should be able to finish. I have also gotten started on the stuff for the week after that. I am feeling comfortable about where I am. this makes it easier for me to work on *whatever*....which is what I did Saturday night. and I really liked it. course not scrapping at home I always end up bringing home half completed layouts that still need work (and journaling) done.

(starting a new paragraph........same subject but that one was getting too long and had rambled enough already) so yesterday I put a few layouts away and thought I was going to finish up some of those layouts. that didn't happen. not sure why really. I also thought I was going to get a circle journal done. I didn't. not really sure why.

D had a rough day after the movies yesterday. that happens to him a lot when his routine is messed up. and a 3 day weekend DEFINATELY messes him up! on top of that they started out the day at the movies instead of him doing his morning routine. probably should have had him take a nap when he got home and then pretended it was morning......but then he wouldn't sleep at night!

good food all weekend......yummy pasta on Saturday night, excellent bbq on Sunday night (and scored a new recipe), great bbq on Monday night (fresh fruit salad....can't be beat!).

another thing that wasn't so great this weekend, and I debated mentioning....but hey, it IS my blog......was that my mom, stepdad, and nana didn't make it down. they were supposed to cruise through on Monday. so of course we had OOOODLES of food for everyone....but they cancelled. I am upset because they seem to be able to make it to the casinos just fine but it is too much for them to make it 2 hours more to see their grandkids?!?! and how sad that the boys are growing up knowing they can't depend on their grandparents.

and now....back to the rat race!


JoE said...

WOW!!! You were a bit busy!!!

sorry to hear about the grandparents, and IMHO, you have every right to be upset about it.

Can't wait to see what you've been scrapping--oh, and my Magistical package came...

Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Would love to see what you've been scrapin!! Great Journalig on your blog!!