Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wednesday - Hump Day update

the weather is HORRIBLE!!! I can't believe it was SO HOT on Friday and Saturday....even Sunday was super warm though I guess my threshold for saying it is HOT is about 90 degrees! lol! today it is overcast and rainy and icky, icky, icky. I want to go home and go back to bed! my head is all clogged up and I really hope the Sudafed kicks in soon.

my arms and hands are still sore from the weekend. my right hand is still having issues with going numb a little and is still swollen and tender to the touch.

Wednesday night is chiropractor night. I know that a nice adjustment will help with the clogged head. who knows, might help with the numbness too. afterwards is Taco Wednesday......and maybe a little ice cream as today is Baskin Robbins 31 cent cone night. more likely the place will be PACKED and I will say forget it! lol!!

over the weekend and last night R was working on his report for school. his topic was Benedict know, the hated traitor of the Revolutionary War. well......he read a couple books about the guy and then we started checking things out online. seems that there was a whole lot more to the story than Arnold just deciding he liked tea instead of coffee! the newly forming American government did a doosy of a job on poor ol' Arnold. while we are taught that Benedict Arnold betrayed our country, in fact our country had already betrayed him, several times. it doesn't excuse the behaviour..... maybe just reminds us that there are always two sides to a story....... and that sadly our government doesn't play by the same rules it expects us to follow.

wow! sorry! that last paragraph got rather heavy. I just intended to talk about how surprised we were to find out some of the info on a subject we thought was pretty well known. anyway......R has to make a speech..... an in-character speech as Benedict Arnold. he is going to do it from the angle that he was done wrong by America and that had he been treated fairly that he wouldn't have felt like he HAD to help the British. I am confident that his teacher will be accepting of the nonpartyline representation.

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