Tuesday, May 22, 2007

times are a changin'

yesterday we registered R for school next year. he is going to a middle school (6th-8th) for smart kids. yeah, that pretty much covers it. anyway, with the new school comes new rules. the principal went over the dress code and said they had tightened it up a bit from this year....... which is good because walking onto campus yesterday I could have busted about 20 different kids for breaking dress code. anyway, it looks like a lot of it is aimed at gangs......which surprised me as I didn't think that was a problem on this particular campus. 2 items will be difficult for us and will require us to really think......no baseball caps (at all) and no musical group t-shirts. yeah, that last one is causing R some panic. he loves wearing his concert shirts to school. this morning he came in to my room and asked if he could JUST wear concert shirts to school for the rest of the year! lol!

in other news, today was the first day for this year's shipment of organic fruits and veggies. have to give another shout-out of thanks to Melanie for telling me about community supported agriculture! we start this year a little more prepared than last year with a firm resolution to better utilize what we get. the fruit is never a problem, but some of the veggies require thought! lol!


JoE said...
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JoE said...

Concert T's would be hard to give up, but I do understand their reasoning. Hats are a big "no" item here--students have been caught cheating (writing test info on the underside of the bill)
...if they only used their powers for good.

I wish him the best of luck with the transition-and kudos to you for going community grown--I support that wholeheartedly. And yes, veggies are hard, in fact FL tomatoes are really somewhat awful

Anonymous said...

Hey, I eat veggies! So do my kids! You can feed us veggies while we're at your house!

See you in roughly 18 hours!

wendy said...

Yay R!! That's so exciting. Such a milestone.

My kids' school is uniform and I totally love not having to worry about those issues at all.

Poor R though. That will be a huge adjustment. I wonder why they're banning concert shirts, though? I can't figure out what that would help prevent.