Thursday, May 24, 2007

something to celebrate.....

over at LM!

of course! it is newsletter Thursday. for once, I really REALLY love both layouts I did! course, doesn't hurt that one of them is a girlie layout! lol!!

something to celebrate

in other news......Barb and her two sons were up last night/this morning. things were crazy at our house (like normal) but we did get to have some nice time to chat. BUT.....can you believe it.....two scrappers and NO PICTURES WERE TAKEN!!!


Anonymous said...

I even had my camera with me. Poo.

Oh well. Next time, right?

JoE said...

I love the layouts, as usual they are both stellar!!! Clever take on the same month same event--I am thinking about doing something similar!!!

Cecilie said...

I loved your layouts as well, Susan!