Monday, May 7, 2007

taking out the trash!

I can't believe I left this out of my weekend's activities.......and yet at the same time I can't believe I am actually talking about this.

today is community clean-up day........ which means stuff that normally we would have to haul to the dump and pay to leave there is picked up curbside for free!

I sent the boys into the garage yesterday afternoon to clean up their piles and piles of stuff so that we could get the old and broken freezer out for pick up. it hasn't worked for over a year now and the last year of it's life it was sucking down electricity like.........well, like my boys suck down soda when given the opportunity. what we saved by being able to stock up on good sale prices went straight to our electric company. but the darn thing lived a really good life. it was a refurbished when we bought it originally and was probably 5 or 6 years old?!?!? heck, maybe a good 10 years was just OLD! and we bought it for $100 including delivery.....which tells you how old it must have been! lol! we used it for 5+ years it did well!

anyway, the freezer went bye-bye! for the past year we have had 2 fridges instead. the freezer sections are both usually packed. and the garage fridge does a great job of holding the 30+ yogurts we buy at a time along with ooodles of drinks, the boys lunches (they make them the night before), etc. I think for our family, the 2 fridges is the way to go.

also getting the ol' heave-ho are 2 severly broken and rusted bikes, and 2 microwaves.......that I didn't even know we had.....that I guess 1 still works and the other works but the door doesn't close ( me means it doesn't work, right?!?! apparently that isn't the case......I don't know), and our old computer that we have been trying to responsibly get ride of for the past 2-3 months. we have had a knack for showing up a day late at all the computer drop-offs in our area since the beginning of the year.....wait, make that 5 months then! sheesh!

anyway....some other really weird stuff was put out old endtable/lamp that my old boss gave me that was propped together with some ol' cross stitch stretching bar turns......etc, etc. the scavengers came through last night (and I am sure more came through today)...each time I wanted to rush out there and ask them to sign something stating that if they were injured, etc from the garbage they were stealing that they couldn't sue us! lol!

end result is really nice to walk in to the garage minus the stuff that is gone.......especially the monstrosity that was the freezer. such a spring cleaning kind of refreshing feeling of lightness!!

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