Tuesday, May 15, 2007

so many things to be thankful for!

yes, I was just going to post about one little thing......small silly thing......that was making me happy this morning. and then I realized there were several other little small things that were making today a good day!

1. Starbuck's new Orange Mocha! I had the frap yesterday (they said I could try it a day early since I was their resident orange expert! lol!) and realized it needed a little more chocolate. somehow the frapping part dilutes the chocolate taste. so my reccomendation.....should you get the frap lite is to get an extra shot/squirt/whatever of chocolate.......because I had it that way this morning (w/o whip cream or the drizzle on top) and it was about as perfect as can be!!! oh, and try the low fat orange cake to......YUMMY!!!

2. the carpet dudes fixed the toilet!! don't tell J.....he has tried twice to fix it and just couldn't get it. so yesterday morning I was explaining to the carpet dude how to get it to stop running. well.......last night it sounded different when I flushed but I wasn't sure. this morning R used that toilet and J realized it wasn't running forever! YEAH!!!

3. (my original reason for being excited) Melanie's recipe journal!!! I subscribed to it through Feedblitz. I have never used it before.....but this morning I got an e-mail with the recipe she posted today! how freakin' COOOOOOOOL is that?!?!? she always posts the yummiest recipes and this one is no exception!

have a great day everyone! hope you find atleast 3 little things that make today a good day for you!


JoE said...

I love orange and chocolate together, so I may have to try that--

WOW that they fixed the toilet for you!!! What a wonderful and unexpected thing!!

Thanks for the heads-up about the recipe journal--looks like there is some stuff on there that I can eat despite my diet.

Sharon said...

If I were you, I would take the credit for the toilet fix. ;-)

Susan said...

nope! then he would expect me to be able to do it in the future! I figured I would bug my stepdad to fix it when he comes down in a couple weekends or call a plumber when J was out of town! lol!

Becca L. said...

Hooray on getting the toilet fixed! That recipe journal is awesome. The chicken tostadas with the mango salsa sounds awesome!

Dianne said...

Will your carpet guy come fix my dishwasher....????? The repairman I had blew mine up...!

I need to go check out the recipes...and I'm hungry...maybe I'll find something for lunch!