Monday, May 7, 2007

seems to be a recurring pattern.....

of me not blogging on the weekends. maybe because I am too busy? maybe because I don't think straight on the weekends? don't know....... but I do remember that when I was in my diary writing years that I only wrote in my diary between boyfriends and at the beginning of relationships. once it was going well (you know, right before I dumped the guy) I would stop writing. too bad because those were some good times! good R would say it twice.

anyway, yeah, the weekend....can be summed up rather quickly: bowling, National Scrapbook Day, painting, and grocery shopping.

J and I will never leave our current jobs to become professional painters. our paint job is HORRIBLE!!! but I am going to take a really small brush and go back and fix some of it. I just can't let it go. the ceiling will be taken care of when I win the lottery......or next year's tax return, whichever comes first.

grocery shopping: OMG!!! seriously had a good time with this (weird, I know). Safeway had a re-grand opening for the store that I stop by the most (for the Starbucks on the way to work). anyway, OOOOODLES of coupons, good sales, everything! chicken for 99 cents a pound (the GOOD stuff!!) cereal for $1.50 a box (I actually bought so much that I couldn't get all the boxes IN the pantry! lol!) anyway, according to my receipt I saved 42% for a total bill of $223. in addition to that I got 2 movie tickets (for Shrek 3......which we were already planning on seeing) and a $10 off coupon for my next shopping trip. oh yeah! how sweet it is!!

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Angie said...

The past couple of weekends, I haven't really blogged either. Go figure.

Congrats on the awesome trip for groceries! I'm about to take all three kids to go get groceries. I'm suspecting your trip will be more fun than mine. ;) LOL