Wednesday, May 30, 2007

wasting time......

I finished with a project and don't have the time or enthusiasm to start something I cruise the boards, I cruise the galleries, I cruise the blogs....then what?!?!

oh yes, I cruise eBay. did you know there is a catagory called "Everything Else"? there is! AND...the top 4 searches in that catagory are:

1. girlfriend
2. wife
3. escort
4. live animals

guess I should be glad that wife is more popular than live animals!

is it time to go home yet?


Cecilie said...

You've got to love those days, right?

JoE said...

You have basically just described about 60% of my free time.

Didn't know that you could get an escort on Ebay...not that I would mind you, but it is both funny and deranged at the same time.