Thursday, May 17, 2007

is there a doctor in the blog???

because I just imagine the conversation if I were to call a doctor's office:

me: I need to make an appointment.
them: what is wrong, ma'am?
me: my right side keeps getting swollen.
them: the right side of what?
me: of me! of my body! my right hand, my right arm, my right foot.
them: excuse me?
me: it is like I am bloating, but only half of my body.

do you see my problem?


Sharon said...


OK it's not really funny but it the way you wrote it...

JoE said...

yes, I see that it is encroaching a bit....LOL

sorry I can't help, whenever I try weird stuff happens and it usually takes me a whole day to fix it--so,umm, you really don't want my advice.

wendy said...

see, that's when you retreat into the "what?! its PERFECTLY normal" attitude and see how they deal with it. :)