Friday, May 18, 2007

the oddest of problems....

we knew having 2 boys with birthdays just 2 days apart would require some creativity. 1 party or 2?!? how do you invite people without making them feel like they have to bring gifts for both?!? when do you give them their family pressies?!?

the problem I never thought we would have is that places do NOT believe that they are different kids! I really think we are trying to cheat them by telling them that we have 2 kids with close birthdays. why do I think this?!?! well.......everywhere that we have signed the boys up for birthday clubs or given birth dates to has only signed up one or the other. each year R OR D will get a postcard, e-mail, or whatever birthday promotion they offer. crazy! insane! but it is true!

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Angie said...

Now that I think of that, I think we only get one thing for Noah or Jack -- but we haven't signed up for many of those types of things. They have birthdays 10 days apart.