Tuesday, May 1, 2007

and because Susan is a copy cat.....

this seems to be one of the new fun things to do.......and a few friends have done it and golly, I don't wanna be left out! lol! so here are a few of the little games I have found recently on friends' blogs. consider yourself tagged to do one or all of them!!!

the first one: answer all the questions using the first letter of your first name. (thankfully I wasn't named Zelinda, huh?!?!?)

Your Name: Susan
1. Famous Singer/Band: SuperTramp
2. 4 letter word: sh!t
3. Color: sage
4. Street: Silverthorne
5. Gifts/Presents: scrapbook supplies (yeah! 2 "s"s there! lol!)
6. Vehicle: Santa Fe
7. Things in a Souvenir Shop: silly stuff
8. Boy Name: Sam
9. Girl Name: Sara
10. Movie Title: So I Married and Axe Murderer (LOVE this movie!!)
11. Drink: soda
12. Occupation: systems analyst (not ME that is for sure! lol!)
13. Flower: sunflower
14. Celebrity: Susan Sarandon (tee hee hee!!)
15. Magazine: Simple Scrapbooks (gotta love scrapbooking!!)
16. U.S. City: San Francisco
17. Pro Sports Teams: Stockton Stingers (I think.....)
18. Fruit: strawberries
19. Reason for Being Late for Work: Starbucks! lol!
20. Something You Throw Away: solicitations
21. Things You Shout: (see #2)
22. Cartoon Character: Sylvester

second: go to Google (love me some Google!!) and type in "yourname needs" (yeah....put YOUR name there!) and see what pops up.....

Susan needs opportunities to practice literate speech
susan needs a lip, otherwise small things disappear forever
Susan needs a set of t-shirts graced with silly cliches
Susan needs to quit injuring people
Susan needs not respond
Susan needs to ask herself is this : Is my goal realistic?
Susan Needs Coffee
Susan needs to discard the bustle and loosen her corset
Susan needs to show that she was John’s wife at the time of his death
Susan needs to make a choice

and lastly.........10 weird or odd things about me:

1. I don't like onions but LOVE onion rings.
2. I need to blow my nose after eating.
3. if I step on a crack with my right foot, then I need to step on the next one with my left (or vice cersa)
4. I Tivo my soap on 2 different tvs but generally just read it online and never watch it.
5. I think the best Coke is from a McDs fountain.
6. I spell things with extra letters (like the British version of behaviour)
7. I cross my 7s.
8. uh.....isn't 8 a pretty number? yeah....just stalling here.
9. really..... I know I am weird but I can't think of any more.
10. so maybe that is the last weird thing?!?!?


scrapper al said...

How about Susan can't buy a QK font without buying all versions of it. Bet life is easier for you now that QK has stopped selling fonts as UC, LC, numbers, lol.

Bec said...

I did Becca needs/Rebecca needs (good thing I did Rebecca needs too or I might have been depressed about the type of needs I have)
But I'll have to go do the others.