Sunday, January 13, 2008

12 of 12.....January 2008

aaah! a new year a new 12 of 12!!! Chad decided this year to leave out the bonus pictures. guess that will make it easier for me to scrapbook! lol!!

so to start the day off........the boys were supposed to go on a hike but it was postponed until Sunday because there weren't enough grown-ups able to go. I was supposed to donate blood but had such a headache Friday night that I finally broke down and took some medicine. I tried to do without but couldn't handle it. I still have the headache. it has come and gone all weekend.

this is my new fav game on Webkinz. the music is rather soothing and I have found that a couple of games before bedtime certainly helps me wind down.
breakfast.....though I am at home I still had my fav.....Strawberry Frosted Mini Wheats! YUM!!!
D spent most of the day doing homework......either homework assigned for the weekend or homework he just didn't do during the week.
remember that hot chocolate pot that Nora mentioned in her blog?!?!? well here it is in action! it was such a dismal day that hot chocolate was perfect! I love how it goes directly into the microwave!
here is J testing out the equipment for the Scout's Pinewood Derby. he is using my laptop to run the timing equipment and thought it a good idea to check it out now. good thing because it didn't work! after a few calls to their tech support and some setting changes on the laptop they are in fine shape. except now we get a bunch of odd message when we boot up the laptop. hopefully when the derby is over we can return my laptop to its regularly scheduled programming! lol!
while D did homework and J figured out the laptop, I listened to Christmas carols and took down the Christmas decorations......atleast the ones on the tree. somehow things go much faster where there are four of us doing this and we are putting them ON the tree! but I got it done. I'll tackle the rest of the house today (Sunday)....maybe! this was the new ornament this year. I figured with our family's love of Starbucks it was perfect!
I had to go pick up R from a friend's house. this is the temperature at about 2 in the afternoon. I don't think it got any warmer!
here I am in my new glasses at dinner. since my prescription didn't change I figured I could get some funkier ones that won't match everything but I will enjoy wearing. in fact, I think I want to go back and get another pair in a dark or hot pink.
like I said in yesterday's post, we went to The Melting Pot for my birthday dinner last night. R was supposed to take a picture of the waiter MAKING the fondue but it didn't happen that way. so instead you get a photo of the actual cheese fondue pot! lol! dinner was YUMMY!!!
last week I bought R and myself the Wreck this Journal books. he is doing much better at ruining his than I am at mine. he took his last night to document his dinner. the directions say to use the book as your napkin but R said that he eats too neatly and wouldn't have anything to wipe on it! lol!! so instead he painted and stamped the paper with the different fondues.
on the way home I finally got my gas price sign. the price has been bouncing around quite a bit the past few weeks. you can see changes of 5 cents between the morning and afternoon. kinda crazy!!
so that was January 12th in a nutshell. no photos of the nap I took or the picture sorting I did....but otherwise a pretty good description of the kind of day we had.

hope yours was fun!


Dogeared said...

I've heard of Wreck the Dress shoots (hiring the photographer you used for engagement photos and wedding day photos, for a day where you do shots like in magazines - lying on a sandy beach, hair all sea tousled, etc - in other words, wrecking the dress!). But I've not heard of Wreck this Journal - interesting idea though!

And happy belated birthday!

Helen (Dogeared)

Kerri said...

Awesome! Love the Starbucks ornament, and LOVE the glasses! My new glasses have teal sides, and when I mentioned that they wouldn't match everything, the oh-so-stylish girl at the optical place said - yes! You can wear them with everything, they don't have to match! And I felt free.

In other news, I actually DID 12 of 12 yesterday for the first time! I'm so excited to post my not-so-exciting pics. Hopefully I'll do it tonight!

Hatter J said...

The glasses are way the ornament, I got lucky and got the set of the other two-mug and bag. I love that place.

I want a wrecker journal now...might be the first purchase with the first REAL's hoping.

Hatter J said...

... oh, and sorry about the headache. I've had one too--weather changed here as well, and that is usually the trigger.

Lipp said...

So cool that your Husband is doing the pinewood derby! AND timing with the computer. Much fancier than I remember it when I took 2nd place overall a long long time ago. Yes, I'm bragging.

Bonnie said...

Mmmmm... Melting Pot... :)

Bec said...

Susan, you had me wondering there... I thought "Wait, Susan and I share a birthday and I never even knew it?!" What a tasty early birthday dinner!
And I'm glad to see that we weren't the only family with our tree still up on Jan. 12

Scooter said...

A starbucks ornament? That rocks!!! Your other photos were great but the Starbucks shot takes the cake (coffee cake, that is).

Sunny said...

Thanks for sharing your day. Love your new glasses.

Linda said...

Ooh, a fondue dinner sounds so good!

Love the Starbucks ornament! :)

silver horde said...

When we did the Pinewood Derby. Sisters were allowed a car. Her car was the Titanic, guess what year that was!!!! We didn't win but we had fun!!

silver horde said...

When we did the Pinewood Derby. Sisters were allowed a car. Her car was the Titanic, guess what year that was!!!! We didn't win but we had fun!!

Allison said...

Thanks for the comment, Susan! I am glad I took a look at your post here because I never knew Strawberry Mini Wheats existed! I must have them.

Glasses are cute too!

Zippy said...

I love your glasses! Why not have a wardrobe of them? Fun, fun!

I love fondue. I have a pot at home - yummy!

Kayte said...

Mmmm looks like such a cozy day! Warm delicious food, surrounded by family. Makes me all warm and cuddly inside :)

I checked out your scrapbooking blog too - very neat! I used to be BIG into scrapbooking, but have since just ran out of time. Blogging has kind of taken its place. Love the things you do though!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I look forward to next month's 12 of 12!