Monday, January 28, 2008

I almost had an excuse....

for some reason when I was trying to log in I kept getting sent to a Google page that wouldn't load. figured if I can't get IN to my blog I have an excuse NOT to post!

so instead I will blame the head cold that has invaded our home....... D has been walking around sniffling and coughing for almost a week. no fever. a little over tired. but nothing that I can use as an excuse to stay home sick. over the weekend both J and I have gotten the same thing (this is what we get for hugging our warned!). again, really annoying but nothing bad enough to stay home and in bed. just enough to make you feel like crap!

the weather has been really weird too (and my knee can confirm that for you). it will be icky pouring rain in the morning and then BEAUTIFUL in the afternoon.......or the opposite......or switch off from hour to hour. let's say it is best to wear shorts and a winter parka when you leave the house.

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Hatter J said...

Sorry about the cold. I can feel one coming on here as well because our weather is doing the same. yesterday I had to scrape ice off my windshield...not frost, ICE mind you. Today was almost the same. Now I'm typing this while wearing shorts cuz it's in the 80s.

Who says global warming doesn't exist?