Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I guess I can have one or the other.....

I didn't post yesterday because I remembered posting already. uh, yeah, well that was the OTHER blog! lol!! seems I can't remember to post on BOTH of them and I had lots to post on the other one. I managed to complete 4 double page layouts this weekend.....and finally BUY some scrapping stuff!

other than that I took it easy yesterday. played around on Webkinz decorating and redecorating some rooms, fake planting my fake garden that I can't kill......unlike any real garden I have ever tried. dh had to work and the boys and I hung out at home doing lots of miscellaneous things. it was nice.

course today is back to work/school and that means it must rain! it will for the rest of the week. blech!! I really dislike driving in the rain. people drive too fast trying to get out of the rain or drive too slow like they are too scared to drive in the rain. the end result is that I dislike driving in the rain.

btw.....if YOU are looking at doing a little scrap spending......head over to LM. Jackie is offering 50% off American Crafts!! I think it must be nicer weather in Michigan and she is feeling like doing some pre-CHA Spring Cleaning! lol!!

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scrapper al said...

I know someone who was unable to resist. Not that she's scrapped enough this year to justify two purchases in one week. But she couldn't resist.