Saturday, January 12, 2008

a fondue kinda birthday!!!

so birthday is Wednesday. but there is no way we can do a decent bday celebration on a Wednesday night so we went tonight.....because........

all I wanted for my birthday was dinner at The Melting Pot!

I was kinda worried about the boys whining but we had gone for just dessert for their birthdays and they had really liked it and said they were willing to try an entire meal! before I called to make the reservation I downloaded and printed the menu. I knew it was all served family kinda style but I wasn't sure about portions and stuff. so I was talking with the hostess and she said that we could probably have 2 entrees along with the cheese and dessert fondues. I was a little worried that IF my food inhaler boys liked it that there wouldn't be enough but she assured us we could always add on.

so tonight we get there and are talking with our waiter and after explaining our thought process he further suggests that we just go with their Big Night Out meal and make substitutions or whatever where needed. he said it ends up being a little more food and a little cheaper! it only comes with 2 salads and he said we could add on salads.....HA! the boys won't eat salad!! it was only on penalty of no dessert that they tried the veggies that came with the different fondues! lol!!

there was PLENTY of food!! we ate it all (except for a little of the cheese fondue) and didn't need that much as it was. and......while I wouldn't consider it a cheap was much less expensive than I had imagined.

so......if you go and want to do it Berg style this is what we got......the Cheddar Fondue (the basic one) with extra garlic. this makes all the bread taste like garlic cheese bread! YUM!!! we did the Fondue Feast selection substituting andoulie sausage for the rigatoni and added Mojo sauce. for dessert there was a little discussion. I went in to the evening thinking we would get the Snickers Bar (off the menu but DE-LISH!). I couldn't tell if the males were trying to be nice to me or didn't want the Snickers because they kept mentioning the dark chocolate with raspberry liquor......which I normally would have been all over......except I had been thinking Snickers all day! lol! so we ended up with the basic fondue.....chocolate and peanut butter. you can NOT go wrong with this! (unless you are allergic to peanut butter! lol!) my favorite is the bananas! YUM!!!!

so Happy Birthday to me.......I guess my present was the 2 or 3 pounds I gained tonight! lol!!

oh yes.....and today was 12 of 12 so I will have those to post in the morning.

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Hatter J said...

Happy (early) Birthday!!!

I have never been to our Melting Pot, but it does sound delicious!

Glad that you had fun and plenty to go around!