Friday, January 25, 2008

something that makes me laugh....

usually commercials get old after the 3 viewing/listening. sometimes after the first. but right now there is a radio spot that makes me laugh every time! in fact, we usually hear it in the morning during school carpool and we all enjoy it and spend a few minutes afterwards talking about I thought I would share....

girl 1: cute dog!
girl 2: thanks!
girl 1: what's his name?
girl 2: that is "Meow Meow."
girl1: that is a weird name for a cat.
girl 2: oh....he's not my pet. he's my cat's pet. I'm saving so much money at Petco that I thought it would be nice to buy my pets pets.
girl 1: don't you think a pet is a lot of responsibility for your cat?
girl 2 (sounding kinda snotty): why not? she's got a car!
(sound of tires squeeling and then a "meow")

we just think this is HYSTERICAL!!! (though it could be due to lack of sleep) we then start discussing the ramifications of a cat having a dog as a pet......and the image of a cat driving a car. course, the second half of the commercial is about a guy who gets his dog singing lessons. it isn't funny at all and we usually mute the we can rehash the pet-dog-owning car-driving cat! lol!

maybe we just need something to do now that Sunflower Seed Boy is gone?!?!?


Kerri said...

That is hilarious! I actually have some really great memories of my dad and I discussing the radio commercials on the way to school in the mornings. We only had about a 5 minute drive, but we always had a great time talking about and singing along with the commercials - and seeing which ones would come on again and at what time, etc. Good times! :-)

Hatter J said...

Verry funny, and you should do a layout about this. It will be one of those things that years from now will make you guys laugh and remember the good times.

I haven't heard the commercial, but then again I usually travel with my iPod and only ever listen to public radio (I'm a geek)