Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ring of Fire.....

we finally watched Walk the Line tonight. I am not a Johnny Cash fan and don't like country music. however I had heard such great things about the movie that I wanted to see it. dh didn't care if we saw it but R really wanted to see it. but only because when we saw LoveHammers in concert they did a cover of Ring of Fire! lol!! the movie didn't disappoint. we didn't let D watch it and I was worried that it would be too mature for R. but I checked out a family review site and their concerns were violence and drug abuse. BUT, they said, the movie did show serious consequences for the drug abuse. I thought that might be a good thing! afterall, we knew that the movie was a reasonable likeness to reality. so R got to see how bad things can get when you do drugs and how you can lose things and people as a result. it also showed that you can turn things around. sometimes I think having the kids get messages like this from sources other than parents and teachers is a good thing.

but this post wasn't supposed to be a lecture about drug abuse.

so moving on!!! today I completed 2 two page layouts. I haven't updated my accountability blog but will do so tomorrow. I am hoping to get 2 more layouts done tomorrow. I think I have an idea for one of them.......we shall see! lol!! but I am enjoying doing those unpopular double page spreads with all those pictures on them. can you believe that I have done 3 layouts in the past 2 days and 2 of them had 7 pictures each and the other had 8?!?!? and the funny thing is that I really think they are nice looking. I think the boys will like looking at them in a couple decades.

guess that is all for tonight. tomorrow is the observance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. take a moment out of your day tomorrow (especially if you don't have to work) to think about his message of peace and acceptance.


Hatter J said...

I haven't seen that movie--mostly for the same reasons, but I might rethink that now. I agree with you about the "REAL" sources...sometimes I can feel myself getting blue in the face...especially last Friday talking about King's legacy and how Hate, Discrimination, and Prejudice still abound. Thanks to ignorant comedians, the kids started spouting off: "That's so racist," and "That's so gay." I was going blue trying to explain how saying that really perpetuates everything King was against...but they know that I am just "their teacher" and I'm "suppose to" say stuff like that....glad your kids got a dose of reality.

I am observing the day. It seems funny to call it a holiday though...all the stores having sales. Makes me wonder when 9/11 will be a day to buy towels cheap.

I'm reading a good book now. Picked it for today. I did manage to pick up a bio of MLK's son at Dollar Tree...but I'm wanting to do something about African genocide...

sorry for the long post.

Becca L. said...

wow! You almost took as long to see that movie as I did! We watched it on Christmas day.