Wednesday, January 9, 2008

it is Wednesday....

that means tomorrow is a short day for me. normally that means I sneak in a little scrapping. tomorrow I might sneak in a little napping. I am so very tired. after the odd hours over the holidays each morning is a drag to get up. by 2 in the afternoon I am completely zoning out at work.

course this means I should go to bed earlier at night, right?!?!? well....night time hits and I am wide awake. I just don't get it.

and that my friends is about as exciting as I get right now. pathetic, huh?!?!?!?

oh wait.....I do have something fun/exciting to case you haven't fallen asleep on me yet! lol!! I am going to be going to CHA. should you, my gentle reader, be going......please plan to take a moment and come by and see me at the Cosmo Cricket booth.


scrapper al said...

Hopefully, I'll see you there! If not, there's always dinner.

Hatter J said...

lucky. Have fun!