Friday, January 18, 2008

I miss Memories!!

on my way back to the office today I realized just how much I missed Memories. for those of you who don't was a nice sized chain scrapbook store. and they happened to have one about 2 blocks from my office.....where everyone knew my name.......where I had worked/taught off and on for several years......where even after I started working on the LM DT I could still go in there and talk shop with the girls/ladies. I don't miss Paper Zone which is what they were for awhile after the companies merged. that was like attending a garage sale.....or in retrospect more like the viewing prior to a funeral.

we have an even better scrapbook store now. we are SOOO lucky to have a huge beautiful scrapbook store! but it is a 15 minute drive. and honestly if I just want to wander around a store at my lunch hour it is too far away. I feel like I need a REASON to go there. and then if I don't buy something I feel guilty for driving all the way out there.

this isn't a rant about internet stores causing the failing of brick and mortar stores. both are still so very important. it is just my comment that I miss Memories.


Hatter J said...

You know, I used to work for a very cool local store. It went under. There was another in town, but they just didn't get it.

We have a kick a$$ one, but it is nearly 45 minutes away. I hate going there. Trust me--scrapbook store shopping is worse for a guy. Only go when I want to pay inflated prices and be treated like a pariah....but they do have everything. sigh.

Bec said...

Susan, you mentioning Lifetime Moments reminded me to tell you your stamp recommendation was great! Those little owls arrived safely & quickly!

Kerri said...

I used to work at Memories in Atlanta! :-) And ours here in Orlando closed, too. Wah!