Monday, January 7, 2008

thinking of Easter....

yes, a little early! lol! but we don't do much other than a little heart candy for Valentines and St. Pats is all about the green...... Easter, on the other hand, has baskets with treats to hold the boys over between Christmas and their birthdays. usually they each get a movie, another toy (probably a Webkinz this year), a few little things, and some candy.

so today while I was at Learning Express, I saw Grass Headz. it is like a chia pet with an attitude! what could be more perfect for my two little attitudes?!?!?!? and what a fun *spring* kinda thing?!?! so today I bought the first thing for their baskets! don't I feel accomplished? lol!!

and while I previously have mentioned my dislike for using my blog as a place to hawk people's stuff......I thought these were darn cool....and again, it is my blog and I can do what I want with it!

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Hatter J said...

the Headz are cool. Freakish that you got such a head start on Easter though, but then again, it is early this year.