Thursday, September 13, 2012

The first step is admitting you have an addiction.....

so very true! but somehow it doesn't make that addiction any easier to deal with. least in my case. and no, we aren't talking anything life threatening......well....yes, I guess it can be if you think about things like obesity and diabetes, etc.....

my addiction....................... COKE!!!!

good ol' fashioned Coca Cola!!!

oh MY! how sweet, wonderful, refreshing, and perfect a Coke can be! why I remember days coming home from a particularly nasty day at work to pour myself 6 oz of Coke and having it wash away all my stress. oh, and a particularly hot and humid summer that I would have a frozen Coke from Burger King for breakfast. those were the days my friend!

as I learned about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup (what problem? it's just corn! NOT!!), I tried switching to Mexican Coke as much as possible but I could never make the jump to Diet Coke. a couple years for Lent I gave up Coke. it fulfilled two things that I felt were important in any Lenten sacrifice: it made me a better person, and it was giving up something that was hard to give up. I mean, I could have given up running in to oncoming traffic. that would make me a better person, but not really difficult to stop doing.

anyway.......... I survived my 40 days of no soda every time. what? I didn't just give up Coke? well for me the two are the same thing. Coke is the only one I care, Pepsi isn't okay (is Monopoly money okay? yeah, didn't think so!) then what is the problem giving it up FOREVER?? (duh duh dummm.....)

yeah, that is what makes it an addiction!

so I had tried to cut back on my Coke consumption and had gotten down to an average of 2 or so a week. I say average because there were days where I would have 2 or 3 and then not for another week or so. I told myself that I needed to go cold turkey and thought it would be great to do a Soda Free September. heck, I planned to out myself on my blog and tell the world what I was doing to keep myself accountable. the fact that I have a weekend long scrapbook retreat in the MIDDLE of my self imposed Soda Free September scared the bee-jeezers out of me! seriously!

then.......I read on a friend's blog about Rethink Your Drink. it was exactly what I wanted to do! (and look at all those scary statistics! YIKES!!!) so I signed up. nope, it wasn't September 1st........... but really why was I waiting? it is like those people (not me. never me.) who eat all the ice cream and cookies in the house so they can start their diet the next day.

I got weekly emails from Rethink reminding me of my pledge and giving me encouragement and alternatives to soda. heck, I already knew....... WATER, WATER, WATER! didn't make me want a Coke any less. and there were a few days where I could FEEL the craving. who would know? what harm would it do?? see.......A.D.D.I.C.T.I.O.N!

despite that, it was kinda cool to get the emails and think how I had survived another week Coke free. I even kinda lost track of time when I got the last email: I had gone THIRTY DAYS soda free!!! wahooo!!!!

so now I am 33 days soda free. I plan to continue. I even turned down the idea of a cola flavored shave ice last night thinking that it probably wasn't a good idea. addictions, one taste.......on glorious beautiful mouthful of that amazing taste..........oh my gosh......and you are back at the beginning. I know it. I've been there before.....Easter morning with that bottle/can/whatever in front of me (btw, McDonalds Cokes are the best. don't know how. don't know why. but they are. take my word for it.)

33 days clean. I plan to keep going. this scrapbook weekend may or may not be the test. heck, today, next Tuesday, October 11th, anyday may or may not be the test. isn't that the way it always is?

but don't ever get me wrong...................... I LOVE COKE!

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