Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RANT Update!

last month I got a little upset on my blog about people driving around schools, kids, busses, etc. well.....I have an update for you!

the stupid woman (I really want to use another word here.......you know the one......feel free to use it in your head) was sentenced to two hours over two days of standing out in the cold with a sign that reads "Only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus." now, while I am an absolute fan of making the punishment fit the crime, I don't think two days is enough time. and, based on the fact that she showed up smoking a cigarette and wearing earphones (and was checking her cell phone during her first day), I don't think she really got the point. what would have been a more appropriate punishment? oh........working a school crosswalk where she can be on the front lines of dealing with idiots like herself that don't have the patience to not run over little kids. and I would make it a couple months of time so she really gets the picture.................hopefully with lots of rain and snow.

as for the two boys struck in a crosswalk, no update there. I am guessing/hoping in this case that no news is good news? the woman is in jail courtesy of her being dui and without a drivers license. (go figure) I have no clue what happened in court last week. I will note that I drove by the intersection this weekend and improvements are still being made to the crosswalks and sidewalks, similar to the ones that are driving me crazy by my park. supposedly the work will all be done before the end of November. I am not holding my breathe.......though Dolly may be. it is totally putting a cramp into her walking schedule.

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