Monday, June 18, 2012

Calories for charity shouldn't count!

as you may or may not know, I have been trying to be very good about the whole diet & exercise thing. having an energetic Dolly at home has certainly helped. she doesn't care if it is raining (or 108 apparently), she wants her walks!

overall I have done well. I have realized that my metabolism isn't what it used to be and I need more exercise to achieve what took less effort when I was younger, but most days I am okay with that. and I needed to focus on what I was eating. I thought I was doing okay. but upon reflections I figured out I had more treat days than not......and often multiple treat meals!

so now I am moving in the right direction with the exception of a few foodie lunches a week (which I do manage to work in to my overall day's strategy) and fundraisers. admittedly, it is my choice to go to things like the Sacramento Zoo's King of Feasts and the Ronald McDonald House Charity's Red Shoe Crawl. they are both awesome causes and the amazing diversity of food bites being offered can't be beat! and it was great attending the Sactown Dining Collective dinner for St John's Shelter. (look! they are doing a dinner almost every month at Plates! how can I resist??) again, wonderful food and totally worth every single darn calorie! but all this eating for a good cause makes it super tough to stay on track!

both the King of Feasts and Red Shoe Crawl are this weekend (I think tickets are still available for both if you want to join me). so if you see me this week don't offer me a treat kind of lunch. I'm saving my calories for charity!

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