Thursday, February 9, 2012

Donating blood.....and why perhaps I should change the name of this blog!

so I have mentioned before that I am a lazy blogger. if you look at the irregularity of my blog posts you can see it in living color. perhaps I should change the blog name to "Susan is a lazy blogger." but, I think I am a bit too lazy to do that! lol!

anyway, I am going to steal a blog post......or more politely, link you to a blog post. this one is about donating blood. why write what someone else has done such a good job of writing already? so.....please go read Leslie's post about her case for giving blood and then come back to read the rest of my blog. (see......SUCH a lazy blogger!)

done?? didn't it make you want to go donate? should! I do have 2 of my own thoughts to contribute at this point:
1. if you have problems having sufficient iron (eat more dark greens, young lady!!), try tomato sauce in a cast iron pan the night or two before. have some tasty spaghetti and the tomato sauce will help your blood absorb oodles of iron from the pan.
2. you don't get to pick your bandage color. sad, isn't it? but now they have premade kits for the blood draws and no color choices. if this is the only thing holding you back, let me know......I'll send you a Hello Kitty or Pokemon bandaid! sheesh!

and that is what I am thinking today. with my last donation, I am at 32 pints. I can't stand needles so if I can do it YOU can do it!

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Lesley said...

Love this! :) I am looking forward to donating again when I'm not nursing as much. I want to join the gallon club.