Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Tillamook is coming! The Tillamook is coming!

(imagine Paul Revere riding through the streets of Sacramento shouting that......thanks)

 like the title says, it is one of my favorite times of year: back to school and Tillamook's Loaf Love Tour! seriously, I do enjoy cheese and Tillamook makes some darn good cheese! (did you know they make ice cream, yogurt, sour cream and butter too?) have a few options, you can go check out the world's most adorable cheddar colored mini VW van at a grocery store near you (see tour schedule to be updated with Sacramento's cheesy goodness)......

OOOOORRRR........... you can come check them out at the Sacramento Zoo!! really, this is the option you should go for! really it is!! why? you ask why? well.......because it is super fun! and because it is cheese....and the zoo.....and cheese! and while you can't pet a tiger (I've asked).....

and doesn't he look like he wants a good belly rub? but anyway...... there is still all kinds of cheesy zoo-ey (??) fun to be had!
seriously, the first 100 people who show up on August 11th at the Sacramento Zoo wearing ORANGE will get in for free!! (after that the cheddar colored clothing will garner you a dollar off admission) and whether you are wearing the color de rigueur or not, you can join in the cheesy fun! and I can tell you that Tillamook brings the fun! last year's frivolity included hide and seek, zoo bingo, and lots of cheese tasting. oh, yes, and the world's most adorable cheddar colored mini VW vans! did I mention those?

wanna know more about Tillamook? check out their site but don't go if you are hungry!

Disclosure: they sent me an email. they asked me to post about the event. they will be giving me free samples of cheese and I'll get into the Zoo for free. but hey, that's cool because I was going anyway! (see paragraph about cheese......and the zoo......and cheese)

Disclosure #2: the zoo is probably really smart in not letting me pet a tiger even though I am continually asking to. that is why they are in charge of the animals.

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