Friday, August 17, 2012

take me out to the ballgame.....@RiverCats

after several years of randomly going to see some River Cats games, we decided to get season tickets this year. well, for a family as over booked as ours, we didn't actually end up with SEASON tickets.......we ended up with a Flex Plan. that means we got vouchers to use for a certain number of tickets/games. other than a few games (weather too hot, weather too cold......gosh we sound like Goldilocks here), they have been the highlight of our summer.

these games are FUN!!!! seriously! even if you aren't a big baseball fan, minor league games are a BLAST!!! (I assume every team is as fun as the River Cats......perhaps I shouldn't?!?!?) but LOOK! you get ex-governors (including actual sized egos) running around in circles. and a special treat at the end of the 6th inning (Thurs - Sun games only, thankyouverymuch), great weather, reasonably priced food (especially if you buy the refillable soda cups and remember to bring them).

one homestand left over the next 2 weeks and we are going to 5 games. a bit more than our average but those were the times we had available to head out to Raley Field. and yesterday, the River Cats announced ticket sales for the playoffs. there are definitely two games on September 5th & 6th and possibly an additional two games the following week. I think we will have to add atleast one to our calendar even if school has already started!

if you haven't been out to a game this year, time is running out to go. come join us for the 7th Inning Stretch.....and maybe a Dinger Dog (notice I did NOT suggest the Donut Cheeseburger?!!?). and if you go.......keep an ear peeled for the guy selling COTTON CANDEEEEE! he makes us laugh every game!

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