Friday, February 24, 2012

Strange Connections....or why Men At Work make me miss my Grandmother

Yes, quite an odd title, but I am sure after reading this post you will understand why the Australian singing group Men At Work reminds me of my Grandmother, Nana.

Many years ago there was a store called Gold Circle. Kinda like the Target or Kmart of its day........except Kmart was already around. Based on Wikipedia, I am going to say 1983. Nana and I were shopping at Gold Circle. I don't remember my mother being there and since Nana didn't drive, I have no clue how we got there. Maybe I drove? Guess that doesn't matter. Anyway, I remember seeing the single for Men At Work's "Overkill." The sign was mistyped and it said "OverHILL." Got it? I thought it was so funny that it got stuck in my head.

I didn't buy the single. But Nana must have bought something because she argued with the cashier about being able to use cashiers checks without ID. Nana, who had worked in banking for almost a century (slight exaggeration) said you didn't need ID with cashiers checks, that was the whole reason she got them, etc. The cashier said she needed ID because it was a CHECK. oh yes, back and forth, supervisors called etc. I can't tell you the outcome because I was too busy being embarrassment that I wouldn't have to suffer now thanks to ATM cards! I mean, who uses cashiers checks anymore? lol!

So, now, almost 20 years later, whenever I hear ANY Men At Work song, I think of Nana. Kinda a nifty connection, definitely an odd connection......but I love when the 80s station puts on some of those crazy Vegemite eaters! Is it just me or does everyone have these strange connections?

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