Friday, October 5, 2012

Variations on a Halloween theme....aka: a recipe I played with

so there is this blog I follow, My Baking Addiction, and she posts the most amazing recipes! all of them are easy enough for me to actually understand and make! know, cuz we are close like that......posts great seasonal recipes, giveaways, etc. I highly suggest you check her out.....and follow her.

a couple weeks ago she posted a recipe for Candy Corn Oreo Truffles. now I will admit, I wasn't interested in them. I WAS, however, totally focused on the concept of Candy Corn Oreos! who knew these existed........only at Target! I probably hadn't noticed them because I was busy hunting down the Boo Berry cereal. but lucky for me, a friend was planning on hunting down the elusive limited edition Oreos and was willing to snag a box or two for me! in fact, swellyn was awesome and not only grabbed me THREE boxes.......but also delivered them! so you can say that she helped subsidize this excursion into sugarland......

the next week, MBA posted another recipe featuring the Oreos I was now in possession of.......and oh yeah, I was totally making this one! Candy Corn Oreo Bark! for the win!!! but while considering the recipe, my mind started churning........please go read her blog post and then come back......this will all make more sense.......I'll wait.......

la la la la la...........

okay.....done? so I started I HAVE to use white chocolate? sometimes that is super sweet. and what happens if I don't like or (gasp!) can't find Candy Corn Oreos? will regular Oreos suffice? if you know me, and you probably do if you haven't closed out the window and gone back to Dancing With The Stars (or something) then you know I am not quite so good at following directions.......

thus my experiment........

upper right corner: original recipe - white chocolate and Candy Corn Oreos
upper left corner: semi-sweet chocolate and Candy Corn Oreos
lower left corner: white chocolate and Halloween Oreos (chocolate wafer and orange filling)
lower right corner: semi-sweet chocolate and Halloween Oreos

so here's the deal........the semi-sweet chocolate didn't set the way the white chocolate did. I am sure if I were a "real" cook.....or paid attention......I'd know why. but I don't and it didn't. hubby said they almost felt like a fudgy brownie. my second problem was the chocolate set too quickly and didn't get down into the pan enough to hold onto all the yummy goodies at the me I have a pile of peanuts and pretzel bits to prove it. (was I suppose to toss the goodies in the chocolate?!?!?)

BUT........that didn't equal a failure! I learned something and still have a full bag of Candy Corn Oreos to eat or bake with.........wonder if Jamie is posting anymore recipes?!?!?!

my favorite version was the white chocolate with Halloween Oreos. I thought the Candy Corn Oreos were too sweet and the chocolate wafers gave the right balance. overall it was a sweet success and now I have a LOT of Candy Corn Oreo Bark to share with friends!

and since I had to go back and correct my spelling way too many times (typing "Cane" instead of "Corn") I think I need to play around like this when the Christmas Oreos come out!

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