Monday, April 30, 2007

well....I already used THAT title.....

I was going to title this post: "yes, I am still alive" but I used that one already. I was going to title this post: "the good, the bad, and the ugly" but same! whoever said I was creative was wrong!

anyway.....I am going to do this in bullet style because there is so much to cover and none of us has all day:

good - the ceiling is almost done
good - the popcorn stuff is gone
bad - it looks horrible
good - we should be able to fix the parts that messed up easily
bad - it will still looks horrible
good - I got a wall paint even
good - the color looks really cool
side note: J was surprised by how notwhite our walls were compared to the ceiling
good - I think painting the walls will go quickly next weekend
bad - my right arm is really sore and my fingers/hand keep going numb
good - I expect it is only temporary
bad - I am so sore that I didn't shave my legs today.....and they REALLY needed it
good - dinner is in the crockpot for tonight
bad - it is probably the only night this week we are eating at home
good - I am almost done with my DT stuff for this week
bad - I haven't really scrapped in 2 or 3 weeks......but my shopping hasn't slowed down
bad - our Dyson was shocking R yesterday while he vacuumed up after the paintfest
good - they are going to send a replacement part that should solve the problem
bad - I want to know how to get a cute little picture to show up next to my name when I post on other's blogs......but can't figure it out
bad - I want a visitor counter on this blog....but (well, see above! lol!)

I had other stuffs to say....but can't remember now!

ETA..........yes, I know I was tagged.......10 odd things about me. I haven't forgotten.


Becca L. said...

Hey! I think I figured out the picture thing! It wasn't too horrible (and I'm pretty blog inept). Let me know if you need help!

Sharon said...

I'd tell you how but as you don't stalk my blog. ;-P

scrapper al said...

And if you like, we could help you come up with the 10 odd things about you. ;)