Monday, April 23, 2007

she LIVES!!!!

but almost barely it seems.......

still really not too happy about all that went down on Friday. by the end of the day we had received a total of 3 pre-recorded phone calls from the school. the final one said that school stayed in session in lock-down for the entire day but also thanked all the parents that did come get their kids! lol! through conversations with other students my guess is that R's class was at half capacity or less by the end of the day.

Friday night R went to serve dinner at the VFW that sponsors his Scout Troop. found out that J's father is a member of that post! sheesh! you would think they would TALK and know this stuff! lol! as J and R and D are members of the VFW through J's dad.....technically they ALL sponsor R's Troop! while the dinner was going on, J got the stuff for the beginning of our living room project. (see next paragraph)

Saturday........Saturday was spent scraping that ugly nasty acoustial crud off our ceiling. J and I spent most of the day on ladders swearing as wet plaster-like junk was falling on our heads or (in J's case) because our arms were getting sore from holding a heavy pole with a heavy bag filled with that wet plaster-like junk in it. it was gross it took forever but now it is gone. and when it was done we swept and vacuumed the carpet (even though it is getting replaced in a few weeks). I just couldn't handle all that stuff getting tracked everywhere. and even though (with the boys' help) we got a great majority of it up.....there are still pieces everywhere. I am SOOOOOO sore!!!!! and next weekend we get to texturize the ceiling and then paint it and the walls!!

Sunday Lindsay from Cosmo Cricket was in town for a trade show with one of his rep companies. I went down to hang out and help him out. had a BLAST!!! it was probably good that I spent most of the day standing. I have noticed that standing up after sitting for awhile is the worst thing! lol!! we taught a class in the morning and then cruised some of the lss in the afternoon. what a blast to see things through his eyes! after that he took me and the boys to dinner. he and J got along nicely. they mostly talked Scouting (and scrapbooking! lol!!). Lindsay has 4 sons and 3 are Eagle Scouts and the 4th will be shortly. after that R went back to the show with us for the evening's make & take fest. R helped me set up the table and get things started. then he took some time to go around to the other tables to see what was going on. R was in total make & take HEAVEN!! that boy definately loves his crafts! lol!! before it had ended I had to drag him away to take him home. I am sure he went to bed with dreams of adhesive and distressing running through his head. one moment totally cracked me up.....I went over to the table he was working at to let him know that was his last station before we needed to leave......he shook his head and just kept saying, "adhesive.....Mom, I need the adhesive."

today....back to work.

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Angie said...

LOL -- "he shook his head and just kept saying, 'adhesive.....Mom, I need the adhesive.'"

That's too funny!