Tuesday, April 10, 2007

a very un-productive productive day....

are you sensing a theme here?!?!?

D decided that he really didn't like his breakfast this morning and returned it all over the carpet this morning. BLECH!!! nothing worse in my world than puke. needless to say, we stayed home from school today. he never threw up again, but he slept until noon, ate a little chicken soup, took a nap, did his homework, read a little, ate a little more soup, and went back to bed.

I, on the other hand, had OOOODLES of work to do at the office today! one of those days where I really wish I had the ability to telecommute. and I have an important business meeting tomorrow that will take atleast half of my day so I won't get much work done then either. I don't have many in person formal type meetings in my position. a lot of conference calls, but not many actual meetings. days like tomorrow I could use a business suit. oh well! lol!!

but during my un-productive productive day I managed to accomplish a few things. the worst and largest of all being that of balancing the checkbook. oh dear me!!! I last balanced it in mid-February. when I printed the cleared information from the credit union's website it was 15 pages worth! YIKES!! took me 3 hours. I really need to do a better job of keeping up on this stuff. I also managed to mail out the April and May calendar pages for the grandparents. and yes, I know that today is the 10th of April.......I am running a tad behind! lol!! talked to our sales person about what we want to do about the carpeting and will go in on Friday to sign whatever we need to sign and give her $$ to get the ball rolling. also found the place to get R's costume for his school's wax museum in May. R is going to portray Benedict Arnold. told you he always liked the bad guy! lol! but I am really hanging my hat on the checkbook thing. for someone who usually balances it weekly, that was conquering a mountain!!

well....I have some scrappy projects to work on. oddly enough, I haven't felt motivated to scrap much. I have lots of great photos waiting for me and some fun projects halfway done, but nothing is making me CRAVE scrapping. sure hope that feeling goes away soon (and not in the middle of my meeting tomorrow! lol!).

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Angie said...

Congrats on getting so much done. That reminds me that I need to balance my checkbook too. But, I will say I'm too sick to do it right now. LOL

Hope D is feeling better today!