Tuesday, April 17, 2007

happy anniversary, happy anniversary!

to J and me! seriously! can you believe it?!?!? not only do I feel like it can't possibly have been that long......at the same time it seems like it has been forever together! and of course not......we aren't doing anything exciting to celebrate. J has to go to a Scout meeting tonight and I think I am going to bed early with my cold/allergies/sinuses/whatever. how freakin' romantic! lol!!

but, can you believe it has been 4 days since I posted?!?!? what thoroughly exciting things have happened in the meantime?!?! uh, Friday I wrote a big ol' check for carpeting. Saturday we drove in horrible weather with waytoomany accidents for the boys to do horribly in some bowling tournament. following that we had run-in #2 and #3 with the reasonably inept folks at Johns Incredible Pizza (which makes me wonder if I did an earlier run down of run-in #1). the manager at their Fresno location was VERY nice and VERY accomodating....but the fact that he even needed to is totaly insanity. after potential run-in #4 I will certainly be writing a letter to their corporate office. I just want to write one letter so I am waiting for the issues from run-ins #2 and #3 to be resolved first! lol! so after being at Johns until uuuuber late on Saturday night, the boys bowled again Sunday morning at 9am. which.....wouldn't be so bad had we not been out so darn late the night before. four tired and grumpy peeps showed up at the bowling alley that morning.......after getting lost because the dude that was getting directions in that 12 of 12 picture..... yeah, him......well, he seemed to get Johns and the second bowling alley confused. but we got there and the boys bowled SOOOO much better than on Saturday. too bad too. Sunday was team bowling and Saturday was individual. they might have placed or something or whatever bowling people do if they had bowled like that on Saturday! lol!

(starting a new paragraph because that one was too long) Sunday after bowling we knocked another Old Spaghetti Factory off the list of ones needing to be visited and then headed home. thankfully the weather was much nicer and there were no accidents to slow us down.

Monday was....well, a Monday. what do you expect?!?!?

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