Monday, April 9, 2007

a very un-Eastery Easter.....

would that be like an un-Brady Brady Christmas?!?!?

anyway, yesterday was Easter. for some reason it was a little *off*. perhaps because we had no egg hunt to attend on Saturday. instead the boys had bowling. perhaps because we didn't dye eggs until late Saturday. perhaps because the Bunny only hid the hard boiled decorated eggs instead of 5 zillion additional plastic eggs. perhaps because my mom, stepdad, and nana weren't here. perhaps because we attended no crazy brunch. I am not too sure! our own odd way, we did celebrate Easter. we went to Fox & Goose for a lovely breakfast! afterwards we welcomed the spring harvest by buying lots of wonderful fruits and vegetables at a farmers market we were told about. R spent most of the time framing and taking pictures. he is quite enjoying my camera and J is starting to agree that maybe I need a new camera (you know...... so I can pass my current one down to R! lol!). after that we went and enjoyed the Ansel Adams photo exhibit at the Crocker Art Museum. enjoying his vision of our beautiful world.

I hope you all had a blessed Easter and found the simple joys of the season!

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