Wednesday, April 18, 2007

$1,000.....uh, no thank you!

I got a phone call a few minutes ago. they called my direct line at work and even had my name. they were calling from a local radio station and give away $1,000 if you call in when they say your name on the air. the guy asked if I wanted to be in the drawing.

(now, $1,000........that would be SOOO nice, wouldn't it?!?!? quick.....think of 5 things you could do to spend $1,000)

so.....did I want to be in the drawing? no, I told him. no because I don't listen to your radio station. and, although I didn't tell him, $1,000 wouldn't get me to listen to it enough to ever hear my name called. atleast this way someone who DOES listen to their station has a better chance, right?!?!? I should have some positive radio contest karma due me, right?!?!?

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Becca L. said...

good for you. Awesome new picture of you BTW!