Friday, April 27, 2007

blame it on the heat!

today my car told me it reached 90 degrees in our fair city. quite warm for this time of year. and while it will get even 20+ degrees warmer during the summer, I think this little heat wave has thrown people for a loop.

I can't believe how many dangerous driving incidents I saw today and how many horrible drivers were on the road. like the guy making a left hand turn.....from the right hand lane. the old people (yes, they were old) that cut someone off to turn left into the suicide lane......then laid on the horn because the guy already IN the suicide lane was in their way (they solved that problem by driving around him and cutting off someone already in moving traffic). and my final example (though not the only other incident I saw) is the girl who drove down the turn lane and missed the green light so she kept going straight through the intersection and through the red light......all while going about 10 miles over the speed limit and chatting away on her cell phone!

let me tell you, I was thankful to come home to find dh's unharmed car in the driveway. I can only imagine the insanity he saw driving home in rush hour traffic!

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Bec said...

I really hate it when people complain about cars but drive them anyway. If you're so irritated by drivers then you should just stay home. Or ride in a horse and buggy.

LOL! Boy oh boy am I ever glad MUD stopped by your blog!