Friday, April 20, 2007

and now I am pissed...

I am at home with the boys. just picked them up from school (well, actually got them an hour ago but we went and grabbed some McDs since they hadn't had lunch at school yet). the high school they share a campus with went into lockdown and then sent all their kids home. the boys' school went into lockdown and were turning away the busses for the afternoon kindergarten classes. by the time I got there half of our city's finest were milling around along with a local tv station. seems there was a call with threatened violence at the high school. anyway, they didn't close our school down (yet) but it was only a matter of time. I beat the rush to get my kids......literally. it was a packed madhouse when we walked off campus. I beat the rush thanks to a call from a friend who works at a different school. by the time we got home their was a nice long rambling yet lacking details message on the answering machine from the school principal.

anyway.....I am NOT pissed because I am home. I am PISSED because some stupid idiot has once again decided that calling in a threat would be funny. I am PISSED because my boys were scared. because they could tell from their teachers attitudes that this lockdown was different. and I really hope they catch the person/kid who did this.

and yes, my previous post said that I thought people over reacted yesterday. I still think they did. what makes today different?!?! they closed down one school and sent one other into lockdown. the entire county/school district did not come to a grinding halt. did I over react in going to get my boys? no, honestly I didn't. but I didn't get them because of the threat. I got them because I was going to have to go get them anyway. by 2pm that campus will be empty or we will have been told to come get them anyway. this way I am done and home instead of waiting in the school cafeteria for an hour while the overworked hall monitor and school principal ran back and forth to classrooms. heck, already before I left earlier they had called in administrators from other schools to help.

I am back to my original question........WHY????

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