Friday, April 20, 2007

a lot rattling around in my head today.....

but before I say it I ask that you remember one SUPER DUPER important thing. this is MY blog. this is MY space to talk about what I want to talk about......what is going on in MY head.

I am SURE that you have heard about what happened at Virginia Tech. I, like most if not all of the country, am in total shock about how someone can do something like that. but fast forward from then until yesterday.

Weds night a meth addict in a nearby county told his priest that he was considering doing something that would make VT seem "mild." yes, I believe that was the word that he is quoted as having said. the result of that was that most of the schools north of us were in lockdown yesterday and most were actually closed with the kids all sent home by the end of the day yesterday. those schools are also closed today. the police in those areas were all in a major man hunt for this guy.

now.......before anyone tells me that I am insensitive and would feel differently if my own kids were in the same position........the boys were only a nice casual 45 minute drive from where this lunatic it is just as feasible that he walked the 2 blocks to the school near him as him having gotten in one of the 2 cars they thought he might have been in and driving down to some unknown school to carry out his little party. so, yeah, I could easily say that they were in danger.

but aren't they ALWAYS in danger? some high school kid could decide that he just is tired of being a TA for all these smart mouth 5th graders...... or a teacher could get tired of them not getting an appropriate raise for the 10th (or 20th) year in a row.......or the kid across the street whose dad locks up his guns but maybe, just maybe, forgot this last time....... or some whacked out sicko who thought it was funny to stick poison in Tylenol........ do you get the point?!?!?

and while I will completely cop to being a complete paranoid paper, I think people overreacted and not just a little bit. look at the POWER they gave this guy!! this guy, who btw, spent yesterday hanging out with his girlfriend......with absolutely no plans for mass destruction and who didn't even know what was going on until late last night when he turned himself in. one guy making a comment shut down the educational system for 36+ schools for 2 days!!!

just shaking my head......full circle......why would someone want to do this?

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