Monday, June 4, 2007

since our last episode....

yes, just my catchy way of saying that this is another recap entry! lol!!

soda - as you will understand by reading the rest of this blog, my giving up of soda had a huge hit this weekend. with all the going out to eats and celebrations, I believe I downed close to 100 ounces of WONDERFUL DREAMY COKE!!! but I am back on the wagon. even had water last night with dinner.

Starbucks - this seems to be going better than soda. I had 1 on Friday and 1 this morning. had multiple opportunities over the weekend but really wasn't feeling it. so there is SOME improvement! lol!!

Friday was R's actual bday. to celebrate both his and D's bday we went out to Red Robin for dinner. we LUV Red Robin!! J's dad and stepmom joined us. it was nice to spend time with them......and J's dad only needed to be reminded about his language and subject matter twice! I told the boys to eat light and save room for dessert because afterwards we headed over to Melting Pot for a chocolate fondue for dessert. YUUUUMMMYYY!!!! oh it was SOOO good! the waiter was awesome and we ended up ordering *off* menu.......we had a Snickers pot and a dark chocolate pot with some raspberry flavored liqueur in it. OMG!!! I couldn't believe how much the Snickers one actually tasted like a Snickers! we all decided that the marshmallows and bananas were best with it. (oooh! I can taste it right now....) but my fav was the dark chocolate. I could pretty much dip anything in there and love it. the boys thought it was a totally fun idea and have agreed that they would try an entire dinner there (success for me! that is exactly what I had hoped they would say!!) when we got home from the evening the boys got their bday gifts: new bowling balls and Guitar Hero 2.

Saturday dh had a golf tournament. I made 61+ cupcakes for the boys classes for their bdays and ran ooooooodles of errands (like blowing the bank at Old Navy). when home, the boys were permanently in front of the PS2 playing Guitar Hero. I think I went a little insane that day. no longer will I be able to hear Heart Shaped Box without losing it a little. I really need to remember to charge my iPod and listen to that when they get that game going.

by the time dh got home from golfing I was totally tired of anything to do with the kitchen or cooking so we went to Chevys. the boys call this "birthday - day 2" as they got ice cream sundaes and sung to from the Chevys peeps. the ongoing saga of the birthdays has become common in our house due to the close proximity of the boys' bdays.

Sunday was D's actual bday and "day 3". they had their actual party....or atleast what passed as a party this year. we took them and 2 friends to the new waterpark in town. we had a great time! it wasn't very crowded and no one got burnt. we found out that their food wasn't really too overpriced and actually tasted pretty good. J and I scouted out the spot we would like to try and sit at for future visits. I am completely sore today from trudging up stairs to rides and from bruises from going on said rides. since the place has a great deal going right now, we all ended up with annual passes. the boys are already looking forward to going back.

today was "day 4" and the final day of the birthday chaos. the boys took their 61+ cupcakes into school today. I totally forgot to take a picture of all the pretty cupcakes lined up. this is the last year that R will be doing anything like cupcakes as he will be in middle school next year. I will admit the idea of not spending a day making and decorating cupcakes thrills me!

oh....yeah.....I haven't gotten a single layout completed for Scrapfest. that puts me 4 behind! lol!!


Cecilie said...

Susan, you got me all stressed by this post. Sounds like a week-end with a LOT going on. But it also sounds like you had fun; and that the boys had fun as well.

Dianne said...

You are an amazing Mom, Susan. Your boys will never forget the wonderful birthdays you've made for them! That being said...any cupcakes left?