Thursday, June 7, 2007

LM DT: Something Old Something New

so this week's theme was the idea of combining older supplies with newer ones (you you can make more room to buy MORE new stuff! lol!!)

Something Old Something New

in addition, my task was to do a project, hopefully Father's Day related, that involved combining old and new. I loved it!!! totally goes with my reduce, reuse, recycle frame of mind (well.......I still need LOTS of work on the reduce part). anyway, I took packaging from products to alter to make a coin caddy for one of the boys' grandfathers. then made them token holders for our summer reading program.

I think the whole old & new bug has bitten me bad as all my layouts since then have had older products included. it feels good.......really good!

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JoE said...

I've been bringing out the old stuff lately too. I like it. It makes me feel good to know that I am finally using some of the stuff that has been hanging around for years...yes, years.