Wednesday, June 6, 2007

I need to type this out.....

and I may lose a friend or two.....but it isn't like I have hidden my liberal sidings.....though yesterday I decided that maybe I am not as liberal as I previously thought. BUT......I hope that if you disagree with me that you just agree that we can disagree and still be friends. oh, and if you read this and want to post hateful comments.....don't. healthy discussion is fine but please do it with respect.

okay, so here goes:

two bills are currently making their way through the California legislature. 1 item would again legalize gay marriage. the other would let unmarried heterosexual couples register as domestic partners like they currently allow homosexual couples. (and excuse me if I am not totally PC, but I will probably use gay and homosexual in whatever context......both refer to two people of the same sex in a relationship, okay??)

first off, I am SOOOOO for gay marriage! I think that two people who love each other should be allowed to formalize the arrangement. period. if they are willing to commit to each other and get married they should get all the benefits that have been set forth by our society and government for married couples. love between consenting adults of mature age should not be against the law.

however, I really have a problem with letting heterosexual couples register as domestic partners.....which in this state is basically getting all the benefits of being married without being married. if you supposedly love that person and are committed enough to that person to be their domestic partner THEN GET MARRIED!!! two arguments regarding this really bug me. the first one stated that if their gay/lesbian friends couldn't get married then she wasn't going to either. FINE! then don't! whatever! but don't then complain that you don't have the benefits that you CAN have if you got married. the second one was that it was discriminatory to not allow opposite sex couples the ability to register like homosexual couples can. well........there is SOOO much wrong with this justification. why not just let the gay couples get married?!?!?! isn't it discriminatory to not let gay couples get married in the first place?!?!? so isn't this like 2 wrongs trying to make a right?????

one of the main arguments against letting heterosexual couples register is that it undermines the concept of marriage. no, really?!?!? but didn't you already DO that when you decided that homosexual couples couldn't marry??? and yes, I know, the Bible.....the Bible says it is wrong. I understand. but you know what......the Bible also says it isn't our place to judge........and isn't that really what we are doing when we have made homosexual couples second class citizens by telling them they can't get married?!?!?

aaaah! I think that pretty much covers it feels so much better to write that all out!

have a great day!


Dianne said...

Great commentary Susan...!

JoE said...

I have to agree with you on that one...and yes, great commentary!

Denise B said...

I don't live in Ca. but must say that I agree with you on these matters. Completely!

Kari said...


First let me say, thank you for reading my blog. I didn't know people were actually reading it. that said, holy cow, you so hit the nail on the head with your comments. Why can't everyone be so rational about this? Thank you so much for being willing to stand up and voice your opinion.