Tuesday, June 19, 2007

pimpin' and the unexpected lack of response....

so last week I finally broke down and went to rent the first season of Big Love. I am NOT, I repeat NOT, going to pay Comcast $20 a month to watch it in real time and am fine lagging behind with the dvd releases. anyway, cruised in to the local Blockbuster and got sweet talked into their online shipment service. bascially for $10 a month they will keep sending me videos everytime I return the last one. in addition, if I take it to a Blockbuster store, not only will they ship the next on my list but I can also take one from the store for free.....DEAL! lol!!

I went home explained what I did to hubby. gave him the sign-on and password and told him to go ahead and put stuff on the ship list. afterall, HE is the big tv & movie watcher in the family. so a couple days later I go in and find that he hasn't added anything.....so I added stuffs. again I remind him and give him the info. uh, yeah, STILL nothing!

you know.....I have a real hard time surprising him too.

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Sharon said...

like netflix but with the added benefit of being to go to the store, have fun!