Tuesday, June 5, 2007

oh that Mother Nature is a funny one!!!

normally you can bet that Memorial Weekend will bring with it sweltering temperatures. why? well because that is the weekend of the Dixieland Jazz Jubilee and there will be thousands of people spending the day walking around or sitting in unairconditioned tent structures listening to jazz. it is like she can't resist the challenge to bake that many people at one time.

today the 5th grade class at R's school has their end of the year swim party. so in the middle of a week of 90ish degree weather......today's high is predicted at 70 degrees! bbbrrrrrr!!!! and while I know that a majority of the kids won't care how cold it is, all I can think about is "why couldn't we have this cool weather on Friday when all the kids (and us adult volunteers) will be outside running around?" it is expected to be in the mid-90s on Friday.

yeah, Mother Nature sure has a sense of humor. that and she must get a total giggle about how nasty my hair gets in all this humidity. SOOOOOOO funny.....NOT!

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