Monday, June 25, 2007

and the verdict is in....

so Thursday morning R said his throat was sore. it has been warm during the days but cooling down at night so we have opened the house up. sometimes those Delta breezes can get to you.

Friday morning R said his throat was sore and he was tired. okay, so he is going to daycare but not going to work in the classroom since it hurts to talk. again I didn't worry too much.

Friday at 9:30am R calls almost in tears. it really hurts and now his head hurts too. okay, I go pick him up and come home. give him drugs (Sudafed and Motrin) and within hours he his my happy go lucky boy again. but, he also takes a 4 hour nap and still goes to bed on time.

Saturday his throat still hurts. his head still hurts. and once in awhile his ears hurt. still do the Sudafed and Motrin. no nap but a day filled with sitting in front of the tv either watching it or reading or playing Game Boy. R ends up not going on the Scout camping trip and about 6:30 pm I feel his forehead and it is 103.2 hot! I throw him in the bath and get some Acetamenaphin from a neighbor.

Saturday night R falls asleep in front of the tv. I go to bed at 11:30 and he feels cool to the touch but sweating. it isn't hot in the house and he has a blanket on.

Sunday his throat still hurts. his head and ears don't hurt so much. we go see Surf's Up. (totally cute movie....even if Shelley didn't like it! lol!) we keep him alternating between Motrin and Acetamenaphin to make sure his fever stays down. he eats dinner. he goes to bed early.

Monday morning his throat hurts. he still have a fever. he can't tell whether his head and ears hurt thanks to the medicine. I call the doctor and we get a 2:50 appointment.

R has strep throat!

and the medicine tastes disgusting! poor kid!

thanks for everyone that knew he wasn't feeling well and was sending him good thoughts.


Dianne said...

Poor R! I hope he gets well least so that he can stop taking the bad tasting medicine!

Anonymous said...

I hope he's finally feeling better.