Monday, June 11, 2007

reminder from the bad, bad blogger.....

tomorrow is 12of12 day!!!!

and again I fail to blog over the weekend......really LONG weekend this time!

Friday was International Market Day (and last day of school) at the boys' school. R's class did American West (not quite international! lol!!) and D's class did Great Britain. I hawked Buffalo Chip Cookies and bandannas. afterwards we went for an afternoon at the water park. it was nice except that I didn't get any reading done. the family of the boy that D brought to his bday party showed up and I spent the time with them. I have realized that once I get IN the water I really don't want to get OUT! lol!!

Friday night the boys went to a friend's house for an end-of-school party and didn't get any sleep.

Saturday I went scrapping with Michelle. wow! neither of us had ANY mojo was horrible! we really should have just gone to the movies or out for a nice dinner. pathetic!! meanwhile the boys had friends over all day and played video games and didn't get much more sleep than they did the previous night.

Sunday D went to a bday party and R & J saw Oceans 13. I wasted the day in front of the tv or computer screen. finally at about 9pm last night I did a award winner.....but atleast it was something! lol!!

today we were supposed to join a friend and her ds to go to the zoo. I didn't sleep well last night from cramping and woke up just not feeling well. R asked me what was wrong at one point and I told him I wasn't feeling well and he offered for us not to go. I think the boys just needed some down time themselves. both he and D parked it in front of the tv and watched cartoons....they didn't even play Guitar Hero. at noon we went to get R's bowling ball sized but the pro shop didn't open until 1 (their answering machine said noon). ended up going to In & Out for lunch and R mentioned ice skating. so I dropped them off there and came home and took a nap. now I am heading back to the scrap table in hopes of finishing another layout.......still not feeling the mojo but this one seems to be heading in the right direction atleast.


scrapper al said...

Thanks for the 12 of 12 reminder, but I think I can only handle doing it on the weekends, lol. Sorry to hear you don't have the scrapping mojo. Hope it comes back soon!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that you called me on Saturday. Wasn't that the best part of your weekend?

Susan said...

it would have been......if you had answered the phone!

JoE said...

My weekend got legs and ran away. I hope to find it this weekend since I am already one behind (if that makes any sense...)

I wasted my mojo watching cartoons. Some of it still wants to watch Starter wife which has been Tivo'd. 5AM comes early though despite happening at the same time each day. sigh.

Dianne said...

You pack more into one weekend than anyone I know!
That waterpark sounds wonderful..I haven't been to one in a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

Um, I answered the phone. Remember? You talked to me for about 10 minutes? If you don't believe me, ask Michelle because I got to talk to her too.