Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunflower Seed Boys' alter ego revealed......

first introduced on September 20th, Sunflower Seed Boy sightings are a highlight of our morning drives! if we don't see him we wonder where he is. when we do see him the boys wave hello and start wondering about him and his adventures.

this morning, we passed SSB on our way to carpool duties. we were running ahead of schedule and B (carpool boy! lol!) was we had enough time to start contemplating a Starbucks stop. shortly thereafter we passed a down bicyclist. we really couldn't tell who it was but it looked like SSB or his brother (coined Super Dude). we couldn't tell what had happened (car accident, broken bike, whatever) but someone was laying down. so I did what any good mother would do, I turned around and went back to see what was going on. another cyclist had stopped to offer assistance by the time we got back to the scene. turns out SSB's chain broke and threw him from his not-so-trusty steed. his knee was injured but not bleeding. no broken bones.....just a kid who was going to be sore for awhile. I offered a cell phone to call home and he said there was no way to contact his parents. I offered a ride back home or to school.

I guess a lady in a SUV with 2 kids isn't perceived as too much of a threat because he accepted the ride. (or maybe he recognized us from the morning trips?!?!?) anyway.....we threw his bike in the back and he piled in the front seat. on the way to his school (which we obviously pass daily) we learned about our super hero. I won't go into details.............. to protect his identity.......but we did find out that he really IS a hero!! our SSB is in ROTC at his high school!

R got the courage to ask about the origins of his sunflower seed backpack and found out a neighbor gave it to him. the boys were SOOOO funny in the back seat all beaming with excitement! lol!!

we also found out that SSB would be moving and soon we wouldn't see him on our morning drives. as sad as it will to not have a familiar sight, I am kinda glad we know. this way we won't worry about why we don't see him! when we got him to his school the boys both said bye and waved.

......barely got the boys to their school on Starbucks.

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