Thursday, September 20, 2007

the many adventures of Sunflower Seed Boy.....

so with the change in R's school, we now drive about 20 minutes to school every morning. I guess it is good to have this quality bonding time, even though there is another kid in the car (no, I am not referring to D as "another kid"..... he is dropped off when we pick up B - the other kid).

as we settle in to our morning driving routine, we have noticed things:

Sunflower Seed Boy - duly named because he wears a David's Sunflower Seed backpack. he was our first *find* and the boys have fun making up little stories about him and how he got his backpack and what special powers he has. and, just so you know, this guy is in high school.

Handlebar Helmet Man - if we do make up a big ol' story, this guy is going to be a bad guy. he was previously mentioned on my 9-11 blog entry because he has his bicycle helmet with him every day..... hanging from his handlebar! we figure when he gets hit the handlebar will be just fine!

Hall Monitor Boy - he goes to the boys' school and we pass him just as we are reaching school. sadly, he got this name because he has a whistle that he has around his neck and the boys were making fun of it and him. we have determined that he is in 7th or 8th grade, but he is a small child for his age. after some gentle chiding, the boys have started to become his friends. they still don't know his name and he is still referred to as Hall Monitor Boy. his saga includes the special powers that he gets from the whistle.

and lastly to enter the scene is Super Dude! we were shocked to find yesterday that Sunflower Seed Boy has a brother...... who wears a Superman backpack. since Super Boy had already been taken, he was named Super Dude. he looks younger that SSB and we don't know why we haven't seen the two of them together before. in fact, we had seen SD before and had temporarily mistaken him for SSB! interesting, isn't it?!?! anyway......Super Dude is Sunflower Seed Boy's sidekick and we haven't figured out any powers or a story line for him.

this morning it rained and we didn't see any of our super heroes. funny to hear the boys comment that someone wasn't in *their* spot where we normally see them.

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Kerri said...

ROFL! What a hilarious post! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who does things like this.

Several years ago, when I was single, I was living in Nashville. My roommate and I worked at the same office, so obviously, we rode together to work. We always saw this same guy EVERY DAY walking along the same road on our way home from work!

He was always wearing a trenchcoat (when it was cool out) and he always had on nice pants and a shirt and tie. He wore little round glasses. My roommate started referring to him as DeVry, because we thought he totally looked like a student who attended DeVry University (which was one of those colleges we saw ads for on TV). It was a highlight of our day to see DeVry! LOL :-)