Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I must still be in shock.....

Saturday R was with me and we were running errands one of which was a stop at the grocery store. R stated that we should make sushi at home. no problem except that no one in our family but me LIKES sushi! so his statement was a little shocking. only a little since he is almost through with his term of Japanese language at school. so I tell him that we should do that and we decide that this weekend wasn't going to work due to other plans but that the next weekend might. I asked what we needed and could we get it now or should we get it closer to when we were making the sushi.

that is when it happened.

R lists off what we need: short grain rice (we have), seaweed wraps, crab, cucumber, and avocado.

I didn't hit anyone luckily but I know that I caught my breathe. crab? no one but me likes. cucumber? the boys don't like and J basically tolerates in a salad as long as there is dressing handy. avocado? turns them all green....and not in a good way.

so basically R has asked to plan a meal using all foods that no one really likes and he thinks this is a good thing. maybe I should plan pizza for dessert??


Bec said...

Don't forget the rice vinegar! And the bamboo rolling mat! I love sushi, especially California Rolls. If you think your family won't eat it, invite me over!

scrapper al said...

Ummm, should I tell R that California roll (which is one of my favorites, by the way) isn't authentic Japanese sushi? Are you gonna try to make it this weekend?