Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bazzil....and a reminder!

first let's get the business over with......tomorrow is 12of12!!! if you don't yet know what I am talking about check out Chad's blog over there on the right in my list of blogs!!!

now........Bazzil! aaah Bazzil!!! I have too much. well not that you can really HAVE too much beautiful cardstock....but I have a whole lotta Bazzil! so back in June I decided to go on a diet. yep! no more cardstock purchasing through the end of 2007! frightening, huh?!?!?!? but....can I tell you.....I haven't needed ANY!!! and since the day I went on this *diet* I have completed 79 layouts!!! not 79 pages.....but 79 layouts!!! that probably translates to about 110-110 actual pages! and I have yet to not have the color that I need! a few times I have had to look a little harder than normal.....but I have always found it. does this give you some idea of just how much cardstock I have??

oh yes.....and one night I was kinda bored and decided that all those misc pieces of cardstock I have in various places OTHER than in their color coordinated keepers needed to be sorted by color and put away. so I got them all out and started sorting. 10 INCHES of cardstock....... I probably should have just started working from that stack! lol!! I wasn't actually able to fit it all into the paper keepers and still have a stack waiting to get put away.

so far I have survived 4 months.....and only have 2 1/2 months to go. other than while I am at the LM crop I think this is going to be easier than I had first thought! I figured I would be going through cardstock withdrawals by now.


Kerri said...

Great for you! I'm very proud that you have done that many LOs and not bought any new cardstock! 10 INCHES - WOW! I'm not as much of a cardstock junkie - it's more PP and embellishments for me. I need to stop! Maybe I should go on a LM store diet! (Come on, we all know that will never happen!( ROFL!

scrapper al said...

I think you're setting some sort of record, lol. Actually, I've probably got a couple feet of cardstock myself. Whoops! Did I actually admit that online, lol?

Becca L. said...

wow - I am seriously impressed. I should put myself on said "diet" but I like CS too much!