Friday, October 12, 2007

it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas.....

and not just because it is the first cold and rainy day of the season either!! (or that I had a peppermint mocha this morning! lol!)

people, including me, always complain about Christmas being pushed too early. I don't want to see decorations or hear carols before I have made myself sick on leftover Halloween candy. really, I would prefer not to see them until Black Friday. THAT is the official start of the Christmas Season in my mind. I want the craziness condensed into that 5ish week period. it gets diluted if it is stretched out too long.

anyway....true to the title of my blog.....I digress.

as a crafter, one truly can not confine Christmas activities to those 5ish weeks. making Christmas cards and such take too much time to get it all done. and when I cross-stitched I would complain in June that I couldn't find the pattern that I wanted! with a crafter's enthusiasm, I have somehow gotten myself involved in 2 different Christmas album/project classes!

the first class was through Lisa Damrosch's blog where I helped her name her class and thus won myself a free ticket to class! (cool, huh? cool like a penguin eating his favorite fish flavored ice cream while sitting on an ice block!). so starting November 1st I will be a happy class member of BPS' Make it Merry. a planner, an advent calendar, some cards, and a wreath are the projects and sound fun!!

the second class is at a lss Green Tangerines. I really wanted something stampish/scrappish for C and I to do while she is visiting. the local stamp store wasn't having a class that weekend but Weds I found out they were having a WAY CUTE Holiday Album class with Melodee Langworthy that Saturday morning! JUST the kind of thing I thought we would like. so convinced J that we could squeeze one more activity into our plans, check with C and then signed us up!

exciting times these......I am telling you! lol! on yes, top it off with the fact that Lisa D also gave me a gift certificate as part of my prize AND because I am a hoarder I still had a discount code from the same store her gc was I got a great deal on some nifty neato keen Imaginesce rub-ons for me and a friend today!!

taking my 12of12 pictures.....will post those in the am. they are not at all as exciting as this post was! lol!!

oh yes.....and if you are ready to begin getting prepared for Christmas yourself.....check out Kerri's Gift Tag swap!!


Kerri said...

I had wondered about the LD class at BPS. It looks cute...I don't the projects look really great? Will I be sorry if I don't take it? It may even be too late!

Thanks for plugging my swap! I still need more sign-ups! I'm going to start stalking people soon, LOL!

Bec said...

Those classes sound like such fun! Lucky you! I had to force myself to put down a copy of some Holiday Crafting mag at the bx yesterday because I need another craft project like I need a hole in the head. Or something like that.

What else was I going to say about this? I know I had another comment, but now I've completely forgotten!